New Design Wood Perfume Boxes

Jun 24 , 2022

To response our customers’ request, our designer team made two New Design Perfume Boxes. Actually, they should be one design, everything same but different color and finished.


They are made of MDF and covered with matte lacquered painting. One color is classic black color, another one is wood veneer color. The wood veneer is one kind of decoration paper, not real wood, which is eco-friendly material. Then a matte lacquered is covered on the color layer, to protect the color and prevent color fading.


Inside the Perfume Packaging Boxes is a black color insert. The insert is cut into perfume bottle shape, which is perfect size for the perfume bottle and hold it fixedly and safely. And a black satin is covered on the insert, which make the insert elegant and protect the perfume bottle from scratches.


A spring hinge is used to link the box lid and box bottom. Why to use spring hinge? First of all, the spring hinge can keep the box closed tightly without additional lock. Secondly, the spring hinge can be hidden under the inner lining. It is invisible and make the Perfume Bottle Box looks neat but elegant. And the last, spring hinge cost will be lover than other type hinge.


Customer brand logo can be printed both inside the box lid and outside the box top. If for inside, hot stamped logo is a very good choice. If for outside, the logo can be made as silkscreen logo, silver foil logo, metal plate logo, etc.


We are a Perfume Box Manufacturer in China with more than 25 years experience. Welcome to contact us make a Customized Perfume Gift Boxes for your fancy and charming perfume!

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